Vestige started in 2004 and its motto 0077as “Wealth through Well Being”. The main competition with Amway India is Vestige. Vestige is one of the top 100 MLM organizations by income. After all, Vestige’s turnover has crossed $ 194 million each year.

What is Vestige Marketing?

In the industry of Indian Network Marketing. Vestige is a brilliant name. More than 1 million people are part of this organization. Currently, the customer can purchase vestige items on the web, on the vestige official site and on Amazon, Flipkart. In this post, we are going to diagram Vestige Marketing Private Limited carefully. In addition, we will review Vestige’s business plan, Vestige products, Vestige’s income plan, competition, history, and the latest positive and negative aspects of Vestige.

Vestige History Vestige started in 2004, with 3 executives Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood and Gautam Bali.

Gautam Bali, Managing Director of MyVestige is a conventional business person. In addition to Vestige, Gautam is also the executive of 16 different organizations. Gautam is also notable for his inspiring speech. Vestige didn’t have many items at first. In any case, the currently vestiged item list incorporates the number of items that structure various classifications, including human services, individual consideration, agribusiness, and that’s just the beginning.

Vestige Business Plan Vestige’s business plan is similar to other MLM organizations. Anyone of any position, gender, age, religion, background and ability can join the Vestige Business Plan. At MLM Company, qualification does not make a difference, however, to achieve in an MLM organization, the individual needs different skills such as communication, initiative, and recruiting skills.

In this sense, we must go to how to start Vestige Business. How to join Vestige? Vestige as of now does not have a web-based bonding alternative. So, joining through your nearest branch is the main alternative. If you are 18 years of age or older, at that time, contact any current trace direct dealer. By using your compatible ID, you will be able to join your downline. You required legal evidence and subtleties of financial balance to obtain fees. Here I prescribe to join only a trusted upline, who can show you more MLM Business and who has faith in collaboration. Vestige is not in charge of joining. However, you should buy items of less than 30 PV, which is around Rs 1000.

To acquire vestige passive money, an immediate distributor must complete two jobs. Purchase of items and then recruitment.

For example: An immediate seller buys Vestige toothpaste at Rs 100 of commercial cost and earns 20BV. He currently sells toothpaste at MRP 120 Rs, at which time 20 rs is his retail profit and later earned 20 BV will also become a profit. Recruitment recruiting is an unequivocal source of pay in every MLM company

Vestige salary plan has 7 types of income

• Savings in consumption

• Cumulative performance bonus

• Director’s bonus

• Top leadership bonus

• Car pool

• House background

• Travel fund

Saving money on consumption You can also consider it a retail benefit that ich is 10% to 20% on each item. Vestige direct sellers get items at dealer price, which is lower than MRP. In the event that the Direct Seller sells the item at MRP, they get an immediate retail profit in their pockets.

Retail Profit = MRP – Distributor Price

Aggregate Performance Bonus The cumulative performance bonus depends on the earnings of Personal BV and PV. BV and PV are set for each Vestige result. You can check BV and PV from Vestige’s item value list by tapping the interface below.


Items are the foundation of every direct selling business. In case the items are

• Better in quality

• Reasonable in price

• Good Demanding

At that time, the interest and enthusiasm of Direct Customers and Sellers increases towards the organization. At the time when we talk about Vestige products, they are certainly obviously better than the vast majority of other Indian MLM companies.

Vestige products also have less value compared to Amway, Herbalife, Oriflame, Tupperware and other system display organizations around the world. And yet, the vestige items are somewhat overrated. For example, the 100 gms MRP Vestige Toothpaste Pack is Rs 75 and the cost of the most basic Colgate Strong Teeth Toothpaste is Rs 49 per 100 gms.

Vestiges Pros and Cons

There are different favorable circumstances and vestige services.

Vestige Advantages

• Vestige is one of the MLM Company drivers in India.

• Truly based products and high-quality products.

• Solid company support

• Various learning opportunities

Disadvantages of vestige

• Like other MLM companies, approximately 0.04% Success rate

• Complicated income plan

• Slightly expensive products

• Greater possibility of market saturation.


I am confident that our publication in Vestige Marketing Business Plan is profitable for you. Vestige products improve Vestige than others different MLM companies.

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